🪙 Treasury

"Do something today that your future self would thank you for."

What Does B.A.S.C. Invest Into?

A portion of revenue is leveraged to pay community-based talents for their work. Revenue is also used for community events and BASC Care Packages. A portion of secondary marketplace sales are leveraged to gain access into other NFT communities providing value to the Solana ecosystem.

What is B.A.S.C. Main Revenue Source?

The current lead revenue driver is secondary marketplace sales fee of 8% for Artist Royalties. Bored Ape Solana Club is looking into additional revenue drivers that provide value to Solana. We are in the process of writing our own solution for community organization tooling that will require our own verification process. We will also be adding needed utilities to BASC that nobody else is currently providing. After thorough testing this will be presentable for other projects on blockchain.

Do Holders Of B.A.S.C. Receive Solana Directly?

Solana is the official currency of Bored Ape Solana Club. Each week community members have opportunities to win Solana that will cover an in real life experience such as:
  • Sushi Sunday - (sushi headband BASC get reimbursed for buying sushi)
  • Pizza Monday - (pizza in mouth BASC get reimbursed for buying pizza)
  • Tank Tuesday - (cowboy hat BASC get reimbursed for tank of gas)
  • Wasted Wednesday - (dead eye BASC get reimbursed for adult beverages)
  • Theater Thursday - (3d glasses BASC get reimbursed for movies & dinner dates)
  • Freestyle Friday - (a random trait and prize is selected every week)
  • Sanctuary Saturday - (halo head BASC get reimbursed for self care)
The Image above is just a small sample size of the hundreds of people who have received reimbursement for in real life events. Community members who won the event, would take picture proof of the event or reward while providing a picture of the receipt for proof of purchase. The community wallet would then send over enough Solana to cover the expense. Specific traits on BASC NFT's unlock specific reward opportunities within the community (example: If your BASC NFT has a Kamikaze Sushi Headband then you are eligible for the weekly event to win Sushi paid for by BASC). This is an amazing way for people to have their NFT's provide real world impact immediately while potentially covering their investment within a few weeks of winning. More BASC traits will have these events and rewards highlighted within the 🏝️ Factions.

What Solana NFT's Have B.A.S.C. Invested Into?

Not All BASC NFT's Are Displayed In The Image Above
2 Stoned Ape Crew - (Staking and earning $PUFF & $ALL)
3 Nuked Ape Crew - (Staking and earning $PUFF & $ALL)
2 Best Buds / Mary Jane - (Staking and earning $ALL)
6 Bohemia - (Staking and earning $WOOP)
1 BlockSmith Labs - (Staking for $FORGE)
32 Enviro - (We have invested heavy into the #1 Metaverse company on Solana)
4 Age of Sam - (Staking for $SOLARIUM and we attach a BASC for staking multiplier)
1 Astrals - (Staking for $GLXY)
1 MindFolk Pirate - (Staking and earning $WOOD)
10 Puggin Awesome Investment NFT- (Staking for $PAWS)
2 Crypto Coral - (Airdropped $AQUA)
3 SolPunks
4 Nexi Orbs
3 Okay Bulls
10 The Sol Den
3 Kaizoku Mechanics
1 Cheddar Block
1 Zenjin Viperz
5 Droid Capital
4 Trusted Goats