🏛️ CEO Suites

"There every step of the way." (Lead By: Dak_Daze, Tristan, & AngryWOLF)
The CEO Suites of BASC attracts a bunch of silver back gorillas who have lots of value and experience to provide. The entrepreneurs and visionaries do their monkey business here. The main focus of this faction is to land impactful partnerships, create in real life business opportunities, and be another key revenue driver for the Bored Ape Solana Club 🪙 Treasury.
1. Main Utility - a group of entrepreneurs who are full time degenerate apes looking to create enough Solana for all of BASC to thrive! The CEO Suites is a central hub for opportunity.
2. Weekly Engagement - Twitter Spaces, Poker Night, NFT Investments, Relationships

Faction Goals and Objectives

The CEO Suites is designed to have entrepreneurs bring their individual strengths to the table. There is a fine balance between what you know and who you know. Collaboration with others empowers us to know, more than we would know if we remained by ourselves. With some of the most rare BASC NFT walking around the CEO Suites, you can expect to hear some high dollar value alpha and gain access to some fairly valuable conversations. Your next big break through is right around the corner. Anytime feedback is needed or perspective desired, the elite business minds of BASC will be here. People skills can gets you extremely far and provide lots of opportunity. Some of the key objectives for the CEO's of BASC: - Secure official partnerships that benefit the entire community (Solana or Eth) - Secure exclusive partnerships for 👑 Gold Room💎 Diamond Daze - Explore creative and innovative ways to generate revenue - Host / Share Twitter spaces with once per week - Provide industry and market outlook updates to community - Donate to a charity of choice every month - Demand high floor price for all CEO traits