🏝️ Factions

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

The goal of this initiative is to drive individual value to specific traits classes within the Bored Ape Solana Ecosystem. The main problem that we face now that royalties are not being given out are the obvious, what's next? Hopefully, throughout these factions we have devised a plan to better the ecosystem as a whole and reward holders who are engaged and active, as well as adding elements that have been suggested and brought up by community members for months. Overall the factions goals are to better Bored Ape Solana Club's ecosystem, setting egos aside and becoming loyal to one or many factions! These factions are not designed to divide BASC in competition, but rather create smaller teams working together to better the collective. Each BASC Admin will have a designated faction. All 5 factions will be provided starting funds in Solana to leverage moving ahead as well as some of the Solana NFT's already in the treasury. Payouts and rewards will be from the DAO faction wallet to those specific factions apes, so each faction can invest to sell as each faction will continually get β€œgifts” from the sales. We will be looking to run these 5 Factions to start, with the possibilities of expanding if needed down the road.

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