🧃 Juicy Jungle

"There every step of the way" (Lead By: Kitsune, King Grill Millz, & Kveen)
Apes run off of food, water, sleep... but also love money, extracurricular activities, and other adult ape things.. This faction is for the wild ones looking to push the limits and lean more on the rated R side of life. Enter the Juicy Jungle at your own risk.
1. Main Utility - a group of apes who work hard so that they can party hard. The juicy jungle is always active on discord and social media platforms finding ways to share their love for BASC.
2. Weekly Engagement- Social Media Marketing, Story Telling, Branding, Artwork

Faction Goals and Objectives

The single goal of this faction is to make sure people always know it is LOUD in the BASC jungle! This Faction will be the artsy flex: art contests, the ability with Kistune to design some new traits for the community, they will be his "ape Advisors" These apes will also focus on making and creating some lore behind a 1/1 ape that has specific traits like “Benji” from chart addicts and create a personality and story behind him. Anywhere from an Indiana Jones Ape to like cliché a safari/exploration guide with a sick name to a chilldrens BASC Star. We will buildout some events where the lore is to help the ape do some quest or mission what that. A living experience through your NFT. Another big flex will become story telling and book creation in the NFT space the next couple years. It is the goal of the faction to devise this. These adventures will have some semi professional voice actors talk through a story, like a Bear Grylls interactive show on Netflix, bring an interactive aspect to our discord, with of course rewards for attending or helping along the adventure. These apes will also be tasked with building out and the advisors of BASC IRL events.