🪖 Monkey Militia

"There every step of the way." (Lead By: Exxempt, Kongabda, & Travelhood)
Moving with precision and in silence, the Monkey Militia of Bored Ape Solana Club are about ranks and order. The main focus in this faction will be to train or earn XP within the faction via events like gaming, meme contests, or participate in other daily events.
1. Main Utility - a group of apes that gain experience through various ways throughout Bored Ape Solana's Ecosystem earning Ranks in the Monkey Militia as they. Your Skill and Loyalty to the faction will not be overlooked and the higher rank the better the rewards.
2. Weekly Engagement- Gaming Rewards, Engagement Experience Points, Problem Solving

Faction Goals and Objectives

Rewards and Rankings
Monkey Militia will have weekly training protocols (games) that will give them opportunities to strengthen their skills in order to climb the ranks of the Monkey Militia. Apes will have the ability to join various different training protocols and regimens during the week! This will be more of a Play to Earn and Experienced based faction, the higher your Place in games the better the rewards. The games and activities you could see but aren't limited only to these are riddles, kart smash, gartic, scribo, rumble, experience / rank based doing things for BASC, like engagement of a Tweet or Raid will always earn you points in the Monkey Militia
This will be a completely Experienced and Leveled based Faction. The Admin and Moderators in the faction will have the ability via Mee6 Bot to add more experience to people within this faction for different “ranks” just like within Militaries around the world. To start you can just go basic structure of: Admin
The Monkey Militia will be different then the rest of the factions in the sense that your Experience and rank higher within the Militia the better your rewards will be. The lowest ranking officer in the Monkey Militia will be apes with a "Private" ranking. This ranking will be where every ape is when they acquire an ape with Militia traits. Rewards can be dispersed however admin see fit for each faction. To start Privates will be the biggest faction, so the best rewards will be in the corporal, sergeant, and staff sergeant roles. After those are filled another position for a higher position will be unlocked, obviously with those with higher ranking positions, having the closest chance of getting said promotion within the Monkey Militia. Example: Say Ape #1000 has a Bandolier and a person just joins the Discord, verifies and then gets enlisted into the private class of the Monkey Militia. They can do activities and weekly engagement events for 3 weeks to gain experience within the factions either autonomously earned or granted by Mod or Admin. After 1k Experience the Ape ranks up into the Corporal Class, where rewards are greater. As an Ape rises in the ranks of the Monkey Militia more things will become available for reward and the ranks become smaller in size. This will continue to follow suit and each rank will increasingly be harder to join. Highest Ranking Community Members : Special Perk- The final Ranking will grant you "sneak peeks" into Bored Ape Solana Ecosystem granted by the DAO Admin for the highest ranking officials in the Monkey Militia. This will be a special honor to know what will be happening in the Bored Ape Solana Ecosystem 24-48 Hours in Advance of what will be happening as well as having direct access chat with DAO Admins. This will be the biggest perk and insider scoop into the Ecosystem as well as the top echelon of rewards.
When apes go to claim rewards from admins or moderators their will always be one final verification that an Ape in the Faction still in fact belongs to the holder.