🤖 Robo Revolution

"There every step of the way." (Lead By: BeTheBender, Sygnal, & Ramon639)
The Robo Apes of Bored Ape Solana will be a faction built around a lore that pits two sides of the Factions versus each other but collectively work towards a common goal. The faction will include all ape traits that have robot and Syfy traits and will operate as our invaders and scientist faction where Robo Apes are enthusiastic about gathering "resources" and research for their mission. Our Robo Apes will devise an Intelligence Agency that will act as the Alpha for the entirety of Bored Ape Solana Club. Along their studies and research the Robo Apes have also acquired the knowledge of creating a algorithm to browse and scan the market for a turn over beneficial to those only in the Robo Faction.
1. Main Utility - A Group of Apes that knows how to survive, and have been worked on and tested with Robot Traits and have been locked away in a lost lab on the Moon, now being released they can help all Apes and reap the benefits of being the most advanced Apes. These Apes have been locked away for so long they had to create and adapt their bodies with more technological advances to survive in harsh conditions. Now these apes will offer the same thing to other apes within Bored Ape Solana Club. They are currently building a random Trait Re-Roll Facility for Apes that only own Robo Apes. These apes will also use their Algorithms to help Robo Apes turn over other NFTs as a collective and reap the rewards. 2. Weekly Engagement- NFT Turn Over, Project Invasions, Twitter Spaces-
The Robo Faction will operate and rewards and anything given to Robo Apes from their wallet will be deemed by Admin and Moderators of faction. There will be channel a built out within the Robots for "Proof of Invade or Invasion", meaning anytime a member of the Robot faction invades another discord and is consistently saying "hello from Bored Ape Solana Club" or simply shows a trail of continuous entering and posting in a designated discord the group is "invading", with some standard reward or something to follow. there should be some collective understanding by the faction to keep "robot faction" traits higher than others.. maybe you reward people for sweeping robots apes with sol, a lower end robot NFT, or our utility token Special Perk - The Robo Apes are still building and devising the best autonomous way for apes to interact with the Re-Roll Link. You will have to own a Robo Ape to have access to our Trait Re-Roll protocol and don't have to trait reroll the Robo Ape, as that's not the main Mission of the Robos. The Main Mission is to use the Re-Roll protocol as a way to build and create more Robo Apes to increase the size and takeover as the biggest faction. While also offering a solution for people within the community and monetize with SOL or a token to benefit first the Robo Faction and then Bored Ape Solana Club. If you own a robot ape you have access or ability to trait reroll through a private link. Terminator Apes - (say whole thing in Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice) There have been reports of a Compromised AI that has taken over some Robo Apes, Sabotaging the Floor of Bored Ape Solana Club in the year 2022 and are close to starting the war to end all wars. The Intelligence Agency has sent Reinforcement Apes from the year 2045 that have been brought back to sweep the floor and take those Robo Apes Out, Terminator Apes!!! Apes With the Sunglasses Trait will at collective times gather a pot together to save said apes from the floor with a Hefty Reward to Follow and deemed by Faction Leader.

Faction Goals and Objectives

The year was 2010 and NASA sent a mission to the Moon to start creating the first active Moon base where people could live and scientific experiments could take place. The base was up and operational within 5 years and the Apes were a main staple of helping around the base but there work was starting to deteriorate from the immense pressure space was bringing them. The scientists on the base turn to science to help enhance and adapt the Apes and give them a fighting chance. Long did they know, along the way they created a superior species then they ever imagined. Quickly it became apparent that the adaptations and modifications were more then just a band-aid or a cast for the Apes, but an improvement. They became the main workers on the moon, surpassing the capabilities any human could possibly do, doubling their work speed in both Physical and technological work. Humans saw the opportunity to leave the Apes on the Moon to continue their work and do the stuff remotely from Earth with communication to the Robo Apes, they forgot the aspect of life and evolution. The apes worked for two years building the moon into a space for human inhabitants but as the orders and work stalemated and slowed down from Earth, the Apes continued to develop, adapt, and modify themselves. The apes knew that humans were not coming back, and always felt that resentment from them leaving in the first place, so they cut off all ties from Earth to Create their own society of Robo Apes on the Moon. Present Day Moon, the technologically superior Deathbot Apes have been outwitted by their predecessors, the Robot Apes and have all but lost their final battle. In a desperate attempt to destroy the Robot Apes Moon base which has the tactical advantage in battle, almost impenetrable, the Deathbot Apes travel into the past, to Earth, to infiltrate NASA and destroy the secret base that the humans were training the original breed of Apes to help with the original Moon Base expansion for humans. The Deathbot Apes have figured a way to keep their current race and eradicate their creators, the Robot Apes. Doing all without tipping off the current generation of Robot Apes that they were created by was a challenge. The Robot Apes designed the Deathbot Apes to expand their culture on the moon and to be more advanced then them. Using a new Designed AI protocol that hypnotizes the Robots, they are able to escape their timeline and head to the time before their creators. Not knowing, the Robot Apes have installed a tether on the Deathbot Apes that follows their movement in time and space off the Moon. Long behold when they arrive their is already a fleet of Robot Apes waiting for the Deathbot Apes on Earth. are able to control key figures in the space program, many of the Earth's inhabitants, and even some of the robots (edited). This can evolve into a reveal that it wasn't just the moonbase that gave the robots created by NASA the tactical advantage. It was that the robots were more "imperfect" in almost a human way....because they were created by humans.....whereas the deathbots were built by the robots (far in the future....and we can come up with a reason why) and lacked the human trait of imperfection that made them slightly less predictable.
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    the goal for the robots could be to discover where the deathbots came from, break their "spell" over the inhabitants, and reprogram the deathbots so that a futuristic war will never be necessary.
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