🏴‍☠️ Pirate Pub

"There every step of the way." (Lead By: Crypto Home Schooler, ChuckMan, & Kendrick)
After BASC set sail for Opensea, that pirate traits started to group together. This group of degen apes are on a quest for the Solana booty and will do what is needed to find the treasure. Within the Pirate Faction we will create our own Brand within our Bored Ape Solana Club Family, creating ownership of BASC pirate groups with special merch and things that are exclusive to the Pirate Faction will always remain the main goal!
1. Main Utility - a group that are in control of the OpenSea. The pirates are always looking to add to the treasury of BASC and are always looking to win raffles and giveaways on social media.
2. Weekly Engagement- Graphic Art, Treasure Hunts, Riddles, Delisting / Listing

Faction Goals and Objectives

Pirate Ape Members will have an opportunity as Pirates to solve by themselves or can solve in group and split the booty/ reward of the weekly prize. They will vary in amount and how many can win but at first we will use some simple where's waldo stuff or some art puzzles that aren't easier to solve. The overall goal will be to enhance the engagement within the Pirate Faction as well as rewarding it most vocal or prominent members.
  1. 1.
    Davy Jones Raffles: Davy Jones Locker is where pirates are sent to the depths and never return!! These raffles will run somewhat in the same but one lucky Ape will be able to arise from Davy Jones Locker with the booty in hand! Simply pirates love to gamble or barter, so that will be the main cause here. They put up .1 sol, or .05 SOL like a raffles system you see all over, and pick randomly from the wallets that entered the raffle. Weekly or bi-weekly an admin will draw the booty Wallet address and give the prize to the lucky ape. 95% goes to the Pirate that wins raffle and 5% goes to start next weeks pot the following week.
  2. 2.
    The Sea of Thieves: We all know Pirates love to steal and lock away their booty in all sort of crazy places, under bars, buried on deserted islands, or maybe locked away on the blockchain. The goal will be to steal away or buy Pirate Apes from the floor before others can. Using the starting treasure or funds acquired by the group they can target floor apes weekly with some of the gifted funds from the DAO to the Pirate Faction to help them set sail. The floor apes you target would be other lower pirate apes and keep the floor of said "pirate Traits higher", say pirate apes floor becomes established and well above floor average, the pirates can target another trait group to try and control!
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    The BASC Raiders or Blackbeard's Ape Raiders: Raiders of other discords and reaction based tasks. Say some pirates are in other discords and reaction based events are going on for SOL, or said NFTs of the projects, the pirates will raid the discords, or twitter giveaways (like our old SOLCOIN WED) that are reaction based and split reward profit or giveaway based on participation like always, if your not there, your not getting any of the booty. Also a possibility is to be raiders by helping other pirates strategically gain Invites for WLs or other INVITE contests that the Pirates could take advantage of. Each engagement will also earn you points, cred, rep, or daze tokens which will benefit you in the whole Bored Ape Solana Ecosystem, not just the pirate faction.
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    The Pirate Pawn Shop- The Pirate Faction will operate as a Pawn shop for All of the Apes within BASC. This pawn shop will buy and deal with NFTs that they deem tradable on the secondary market, not only BASC Apes but all NFTs on Solana. These items will be put up at strategic times by the Pirate Faction on secondary markets, or they can be purchased by apes of all factions but only the Pirate Faction gets a discount of what they go onto the Market for. The Idea is for apes in our ecosystem who want to get rid of NFTs that aren't selling, maybe because of rarity even when floored, maybe want to sell a bulk amount of said NFTs, or just need quick liquidity. The Shop will always give the profits of the sale back to the Pirate Factions treasury which feeds the rewards or rum for our pirates. The pawns shops goal is to give an open market
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