👑 Gold Room

"There every step of the way."


Our Gold Fur BASC NFT's and Gold Grill BASC NFT's were just granted access to their first in real life utility perk. After speaking with Roy, CEO & Founder of Chart Addicts, we confirmed that Bored Ape Solana Club has secured 123 Life Time VIP Memberships. There are 61 Gold Furs & 62 Gold Grills in our collection. As long as someone holds 1 of these 123 BASC NFT's they will receive a FREE $100 VIP monthly subscription to Chart Addicts. Please reach out directly to a team member if you are a Gold Room member and would like to secure your Chart Addicts membership... as for everyone else... 25% off Chart Addicts VIP Membership For ALL BASC NFT Holders! BASC has 2000+ active members who can redeem a 25% off discount to learn more about Forex, Crypto, & Investing with Chart Addicts . This also means the hundreds of active members at Chart Addicts currently, will be looking to pick up a BASC NFT to earn their 25% off! The Chart Addicts family also holds roughly 60 BASC NFT's today... When people ask the question what is BASC in real life utility... BASC will just keep smiling and building! Check out what is going on over at Chart Addicts on a daily basis! Join Chart Addicts Discord: https://discord.gg/MdYcj8BFhS Official Chart Addicts Website: https://www.chartaddictsfx.com/