🏫Institute of B.A.S.C.

Institute of Bored Ape Solana Club

Education means studying in order to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding on a variety of subjects that can apply to daily life. Education is not limited to just knowledge from books, but can also be obtained through practical experiences outside of the classroom. Let’s face it, everybody can learn something new within the crypto and NFT space. Bored Ape Solana Club strives to offer a fully immersive educational platform for its community to utilize and enhance their knowledge and skills within the NFT space, The Institute of Bored Ape Solana Club.

Answering the certain questions which novice and expert NFT traders and investors struggle to understand. The goal is to build out a system that will benefit all levels of investors and will reward them accordingly for doing the work. Just like a house needs a foundation to build its structure, NFT investors need a foundation of knowledge and experience in this realm to best utilize their assets & securities.

This Buildout will be run in a bi-weekly structure to allow the education team to keep up with current event lessons based on the NFT and crypto space. Their will be foundational lessons that everyone will have to pass to have access to advanced and further classes. These classes are not limited to topics but will cover things like: blockchain tech and development, history of blockchain, what is cryptocurrency, proof-of-stake vs proof of work, terminology, and much much more. It’s up to us as "Early Adopters" of NFTs and cryptocurrency to learn and educate those coming after us.

Learn To Earn Utility

Learn to Earn will become another huge movement in the next couple years to try and onboard the masses to the cryptocurrency space. From the University of Wyoming offering the first Blockchain Technology Degree in the United States to education protocols on Near or other NFT groups that offer a similar smaller education platforms on Ethereum. Our education platform will operate in a fun, interactive, and chill environment, where it destresses the ape but also educates them on what has happened in the past, what’s currently going on in the NFT space, and what the future could look like for crypto and NFTs. Along the way Apes will have the ability to Earn our Daze token after the lesson is completed!

The Fact is people even as they get older need education, and have a need for learning, may that be a new hobby or to develop a new skill for an opportunity at work, people are always pushed to do. Reasons why Adult Education Continues:

We will offer 100% Services to our Apes who would like to use this utility to their liking for free! We will construct the lessons for all ages, and have buzz words and terminology that will be throughout the program. What you can expect to see in this: A Built Out Structure and Weekly Lessons with incremental difficulty, Two Different Routes of Education, Bi-Weekly Youtube or Regular Videos Covering the Lessons, bi-weekly rewards, Guest Appearances or Cryptocurrency professor or professional to speak to group.

Educational Paths - Two Routes

Beginners- There will be two different routes to take on the Education Journey, a novice or beginners and an Experienced one. The one for the Novice or Beginner in the space that will cover: the history of Blockchain Development, its roots, where its started, who were the predecessors or the ones before Bitcoin was created, Also speak about blockchain transactions, how to read and tell the difference Solana predominantly but will also cover Eth as that seems to be the other biggest NFT space right now. Will cover things based in fact and proof of concept, nothing will chance β€œideas” or things that haven't been established. There will be open discussions about how to Do Your Own Research, how to tell the difference between good projects and stinkers, as well as be able to expand and give your insights to the group as well.

Experienced- The experienced education platform will cover more recent topics within the crypto and NFT space, things like recent malicious activities and how to stay safe. We will offer different types of trading strategies anywhere from Cryptocurrency to NFT flipping and the art or idea behind it. This will also be a platform where things in cryptocurrency and NFT space in the future will be speculated and talked about openly. This space is what we will make it, the possibilities to tie In Real Life Assets and experiences to cryptocurrency and NFTs is undeniably coming. This will also be a platform for entrepreneurs or builders who would like to partner with some other Apes that have progressed maybe to the same level and with the same speed. **To Skip the Beginners Path you would forgo on Daze tokens as rewards, but if you want you can "Test Out" of the Beginners Path to the experienced one

Once you have completed both Routes of the Education platform you will receive your Bored Ape Solana Club Graduation Diploma NFT, this NFT will become an asset for you down the line as we offer continuing education or other services to our Alumni at the Institute of Bored Ape Solana Club. Will this be a tradable asset, probably not as we want you to keep it! But it could act as a multiplier down the road for more Daze tokens and our staking platform, wink wink.

The team is working to build out a platform where Apes can go off discord onto a URL or link and use the apes as the actual access or key to the Education platform. We will tie our apes metadata to the interface after its built out and be able to autonomously offer education to our apes in a bi-weekly fashion. We will tie educational practices of today and help give the most interactive, and onboarding education system for old and new users alike!

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