Daze Token

Daze Staking Token

The Day has finally come to introduce our staking protocol that will incorporate our Bored Ape Solana Club apes by earning the “Daze” token. This token will not have a liquidity pool or any SOL or USDC backing, and will not act as a security. This token is to simply act as utility token and reward system within the Bored Ape Solana Club Ecosystem. There will be many ways to earn the daze token, but the main way will be by staking and keeping BASC Apes off the market.
The Total Supply of Daze Token will reflect the amount to stretch the Daze token payout via staking for 4 years. The Total Supply of Daze Tokens will be 20 Million Daze Tokens. They will breakup and distribute in the community via different avenues:
The Rewards Coin Tentatively will break down as follows: 40% Reward Pool Through Staking 15 % Rewards in Faction Giveaways 15% Airdrops 10% Education 10% Team 5% Treasury Reserve 5% Partnerships
Theses %s are all Subject to Change by the team and when the team feels they should be adjusted the community will be informed. We have the ability to create more Daze Tokens but prefer to keep at this locked supply for now. The main way to earn Daze Token will be to stake your apes daily, followed by other rewards that will follow after doing specific rewards. There is 8.8 Million Daze Tokens that will be locked and allocated for staking over a 4 year period. Even though BASC intends to around forever, the idea is that rewards and other raffles that we run will burn tokens so that after that period, another decision can be made on the payout structure and if to incorporate more tokens into ecosystem or not. The Airdrops will only involve apes that are staking and earning Daze. Moderators and Community do not make Solana Payments for working on the project so managers will have their own reward system set up for them to be rewarded in either trade in for large Amounts of Daze for Apes or Solana Payouts from the BASC Wallet. Their will be a reserve of the Daze Tokens that the Admins can use to gift apes randomly or any use for fun impromptu community events. 5% will be held back for our new and existing partners for them to do as they see fit to use within our ecosystem!
The Main goal for our utility token is to find another way to reward our holders of Bored Ape Solana Club! We feel the randomization of our rewards at times doesn't follow suit for those who are most active within the community, now those who are most active will have the most oppurtunity to win rewards and be benefited for being part of the Bored Ape Solana Club's entire ecosystem. Rewards for the Utility Token or Use Cases: -Raffles of NFT assets -WL Giveaway Raffles -Customization of BASC Ape -Trait Re-Rolls -Giveaway Entries -Conversion to Modoluc Token -Merchandise Redemption